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For those who are moving out of or into a rental, there are a few additional details in play from your standard shifting. Thankfully, our professional moving teams are ready to get the job done and up to the challenge of a few stairs! With more than three years of moving experience under our belts, we’ve seen it all when it comes to moving apartment or flat rentals. These facilities often have strict rules and regulations to follow, and our professional moving teams are trained to ensure your move is a breeze.


Time and money are at a premium when completing a rental move, and our moving teams know how to save you both.

  • Our understanding of the regulations for rental properties allows us to navigate the move with precision and safety. We pad wrap all doors and walls, and protect elevators while moving your belongings, which helps eliminate property damage so you can get your security deposit back.
  • Hiring OTHER PACKERS AND MOVERS to complete your rental move allows you to stay in your location longer because hiring our professional moving teams makes it a quicker process than doing it yourself.